In order to provide the best online shopping experience, we made available many options for you to choose from. We invite you to use any of these at any time. You might be more comfortable showing up at the store and, if so, you are more than welcomed! But we also know shopping for a used vehicle can be tedious when you are looking for a specific trim or colour for example.

If you see a vehicle that pleases you, do not hesitate one moment and use our shopping tools before the vehicle is sold to someone else. Whether it is 11AM or 11PM, give us your contact info and we will contact as soon as humanly possible. It does help us in serving you better and faster.

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Use this button if you are interested in scheduling a test drive. You will find this button on a detailed vehicle page. Click on the button, fill in the blanks and we will contact you and ensure you can test drive your new vehicle at a time that is most convenient to you! [Update link to test drive page] TEST DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE TODAY!


You are certain of your choice and you want to act fast? Or you just don't want to bother coming in the dealership? Then fill out this secured form in order to get a pre-approval. We work with most major financing partners and we will be able to get you the best rate possible.

Also fill out this form if you need our second chance credit services. We can help get you leave with your car while rebuilding your credit !  [UPDATE LINK TO CREDIT APP LINK] FILL OUT A SECURED ONLINE APPLICATION NOW!


You would like us to purchase your current vehicle? Whether or not you are still committed to monthly payments, fill out this form and tell us more about your car. We will be glad to submit a quote for your new vehicle that includes the exchange. Please put in as much information as you can for a more precise quote, or just put in whatever you know and we'll get back to you should we have any questions. At all times, an inspection of your vehicle will be required for a definite quote but getting this process started via this form is recommended. [UPDATE LINK TO FORM] GET A TRADE IN QUOTE NOW!


Everybody wants the best price possible, right? At [DealerName], we are committed to offering you the best price and the best value only Subaru cars and SUVs will provide. Please use this form if you want to make it clear to us you are looking for the best possible price! Select a vehicle from our inventory and click the best price button! [UPDATE LINK TO SEARCH PAGE ->] GO THERE NOW!


Browsing for a car, you came across the perfect car for a friend or a family member and you have to bring it up to their attention?

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